Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Sun Prairie Open Ice Skate Meets!

Hello, VazDrae here! Just wanted to make this post to inform you of the Open Skate Meet we informally started a few months ago. It all started with Arco, and Myself wanting to learn how to ice skate, so we started going to our local ice arena's open skate on Sundays, and kept inviting more people to it, and it sorta turned itself into a meet.

It is located at the Sun Prairie Ice Arena at 838 Grove St in Madison's suburb of Sun Prairie, WI. To the left is a map so you can see where abouts it is in the Madison area.

The open skate is every Sunday and starts at either 3pm or 3:30, it depends on how the ice arena schedules it. We will post it on the WI Furs Twitter, but also check out Sun Prairie Ice Arena's website for the open skate start time for that week.

Open skate cost is $5, skate rental is $3. You can bring your own skates as well if you have them.

This is not a full on formal meet. This is a NON-FURSUITING event. Its about going and learning ice skating with friends. We sometimes go get dinner after the meet, there is a restaurant & bar in the ice arena itself which is very good, or we get dinner somewhere else in the Sun Prairie area.


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