Monday, February 15, 2016

Madison Bowl Fixes and site updates!

I have to apologize about the listing on the events page for the Madison Furry Bowling. I had it listed as the 2nd Saturday of each month. I was mistaken, as it is the 3rd Saturday of each month. You'd think I'd know this because I go almost every month. Anywhoooo.

For more posts from the organizer of the event, here is the official Facebook Page for the bowling event, here.

Now, this site. Things are coming, I just gotta find the time. The Links page is coming soon, working on rounding up all the links I'd like to list and for anyone else that may have suggestions, please write!
The Social page, as well, will be updated. It's just a simple page with links right now, I plan on re-doing that whole page, again when I have time. So things are to come!

If anyone has some talent that they'd like to add to the site, please let me know in the comments! They are greatly appreciated! Thanks!

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