Telegram Chats Rules & TOS

Fair Warning For Entering 18+ Chat. By joining the 18+ chat you are confirming your age of 18 years or older, and may be exposed to adult artwork and conversation at times. If you are uncomfortable with these terms you are free to exit the group chat.

1. First and foremost, a user entering the 18+ Telegram chat MUST BE 18 YEARS OF AGE, or older. No exceptions, if discovered, that person(s) will be immediately removed and may not enter again. 

2. Be respectful. We will not tolerate harassment. Don't be a dick. Simple as that. Accused person(s) will be on a three strike system. First strike is a warning, second strike is a kick from the group for 2 days, strike three is permeant ban from any Wisconsin Furs Telegram chats. That includes SFW. 

3. "X-Rated Images" must be drawn artwork. No real-life 18+ photos. Take that to a private conversation, or group. 

4. No political discussion. This is too risqué of a topic and just gets everyone in a bad mood.

5. No racism or bullying. This plays along with rule #2. No Nazi symbolism, this includes "furry raider" propaganda. Bullying will follow along the rule #2 three strike system. Racism of any sort will be subject to immediate ban.